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  • CIO Report for the third quarter of 2015

    October 2015

    The Investment and Research team update clients on their portfolios' progress in the third quarter of 2015.

  • How Property Stacks Up

    August 2014

    Nearly half of the NZ Funds clients surveyed own or have owned a rental property. Of the 52% who have not, about half would consider investing in property in the future. There is little debate about the merit of owning your own home, but how does property stack up as an investment? To answer this question, we analysed investment property returns over the last 20 years...

  • Building Wealth at Work

    August 2014

    After several years of advising KiwiSaver clients, it became apparent that KiwiSaver on its own is unlikely to be sufficient to meet New Zealanders' retirement needs. In September 2012, NZ Funds decided to tackle the issue at its source (the workplace), by building a financial guidance programme called Wealth at Work. Since then, with the help of 115 companies throughout New Zealand, we have helped 2,952 employees with their retirement planning...

  • Wealth after Work

    August 2014

    Thanks to the vision painted by media, experts and financial firms, for many New Zealanders retirement conjures up images of soup dinners and an inability to pay the heating bill in winter. It should not. In general, retirement has never been more attractive. We are living longer and therefore working longer, and our retirement is also lasting longer. In general, our health is better and we are more active, so we are able to spend more time doing the things we enjoy...

  • Further information on the NZ Funds Managed Portfolio Service Portfolios is contained in the current Investment Statement which may be downloaded here.
    A copy is also available on request.

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