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World class managers.
We have built enduring relationships with some of the world’s leading investment managers. We work with them to ensure clients’ investments are diversified internationally and not dependent on a single local manager.
Best of all worlds.
Our globally diversified approach ensures clients are invested both locally and internationally and hold investments in more than one currency, so that their wealth is not dependent on the fortunes of only one economy.
Information at 23 November 2020. As NZ Funds is an active manager, country allocations will change over time so those shown should be regarded as indicative only. For the latest information see the Portfolio Insights under Documents & Forms.
A team of qualified experts.
We work with a nationwide team of experts. They are specialists in advising families on how to protect and build wealth over long periods of time. And collectively, we have the track-record to prove it. Of the 13,200 client accounts we manage, the average tenure is now over 7 years.
Still not sure?
Responsible investor
We work with ISS-Ethix – the world’s leading environmental, social and governance adviser.
Award-winning technology
Our portfolios are built using award-winning investment technology. See how our personalised planning software can help you achieve your wealth objective.
100% New Zealand
We are 100% New Zealand owned. We work here, live here and love it here. Read our story below.
Transparent fee
We report one transparent fee that covers all local and global managers. So you can invest with confidence.
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